Friday, January 28, 2011

Hot Yoga

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I apologize that I am so slow with updating the blog. I am continuing to be very active and my digestive system is continuing to grow stronger, I am happy to say. I got a deal on Groupon before Christmas for 10 hot yoga classes so I signed up. I have done Bikram yoga before so the experience was not too unfamiliar. I do hot yoga (alternating between power vinyasa and vinyasa) once a week and I feel fantastic after it.

Some health benefits of hot yoga include:
-releasing toxins
-boosting immune system
-weight loss
-toning muscles

For those of you that fear the heat I would really encourage you to just try it once. I probably would never have done it if I hadn't been basically tricked into my first class (my neighbor told me to try hot yoga and said they heat up the room. She of course left out just how high they heat the room up to.)

Of course you should be in pretty good physical health because the room is heated up to 80-105 degrees and I wouldn't want anyone to pass out! Here is a good link to check out before you start:

For me personally, I really benefit from the heat because it does release toxins which can help my digestive system.

So if you are thinking of trying it out I suggest during the day you eat food that will digest easily and not sit in the stomach too long, and drink plenty of water. A meal of veggies and quinoa or pasta is good. I eat a regular meal about 4-5 hours before yoga and eat a piece of fruit about 1 1/2-2 hours before.

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